Convert entire Websites from
HTML to Markdown

Turn this HTML...

<p><strong>Bold</strong> Text</p>

Into this Markdown...

## Heading

**Bold** Text

But best of all? It is not limited to simple snippets! It even works with entire websites!

What can you do with it?

Migrations made simple

Whether you want to move your Website, Blog or Wiki somewhere else, migrations are always annoying. Save time by converting the HTML-pages to markdown, which can easily be imported into many programs.

Offline documentation

Do you want to read a documentation on the go? If you are already downloading webpages, why not convert them to markdown. Now you can even read it while you are offline.

Comfortable reading

Websites are build with HTML, but sometimes you want a version without all the visual clutter. Many browsers feature a "Reader Mode". You can achieve a similar effect by converting the entire HTML page to Markdown.